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The team at oSHen design blends current trends with timeless design elements to create unique and stylish spaces. Dedicated professionals from all sectors of the build and real estate industry have assembled to form a full service design and construction service company. Whether it’s a something as simple as providing a rendering to tweak your imagination or as complex as full-scale builds, our team is competent to handle the process.

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Why Render

The visual specialists at oSHen create photo quality renderings that can clearly describe an interior or exterior design and ensure a budget friendly build. There’s little chance of miscommunication with builders and trades when the vision is carefully mapped out.

Creating budgets that are realistic is a straightforward matter when the materials and design have been carefully constructed in advance of a build. Having the ability to see the end result of a suggested design before a single tool has been lifted will ensure a project takes the right path and mistakes don’t hamper budgets and timelines.

Choosing between paint colours and material selections is an easy affair when it requires only the click of a mouse from our digital animators. Scale, proportion and floorplan are clearly discernible when one can visually stroll through a virtual space.

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Who We Work With

We work with investors who have the desire, money but often not the ‘time’ to manage aspects of building or entering the realty construction arena. Our qualified team can carry the entire project or manage aspects of the interior design, architectural work, and building construction. A realistic budget is always at the forefront of our minds when we are creating a building plan. We have invested our own funds in many projects and we are incredibly sensitive to the concept of maximizing the return on investment.

Realtors, Investors, Developers, Homeowners: We can brand a new look for you.

Some of our customers are overseeing properties that require a unique build and marketing perspective. Hillside lots, irregular shaped lots, unique floorplans, and aging construction are all common challenges for a homeowner. We can find a refreshing angle to either work with the property’s current potential or we can design an exciting new strategy that will appeal to today’s market.

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